Active Birth & Skills for Labour

One day workshop covers a revision of the process of physiological labour and plenty of tips for coping on the big day! Includes birth positions, visualisations, relaxation, massage and the role of your partner and support person(s). This class is suitable whether you plan to have your baby at home or in hospital.

4 Hour Workshop

$140 per couple

Baby Massage Classes

Infant massage uses gentle, tactile stimulation and loving verbal communication to deepen the relationship between parents and their baby. It is a shared experience, done with the baby not to the baby. First hour teaches the skills of baby massage and the second hour is devoted to a postnatal discussion group.

5 x 2 Hour Sessions

$200 per couple

Preparation for Childbirth

These classes are designed to inform, support, and inspire future parents. We cover normal physiological birth and decisions around planning for the unexpected. We also explore techniques and physical skills to manage labour with an emphasis on partner(s) involvement.

6 x 2 Hour Sessions

$275 per couple